A one day photography workshop on HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging) - Isle of Wight.

When photographing a high contrast scene, you know that selecting the correct exposure means compromising either the bright highlights or the dark shadows without being able to capture detail at either end of the scale for maximum visual effect. Enter HDRI as a solution to that problem!

High dynamic range imaging (HDRI for short) is a set of techniques that allow a far greater dynamic range of exposure than normal digital imaging techniques. The aim is to accurately represent the wide spectrum of intensity levels found in everyday scenes, ranging from direct sunlight to deepest shadows, by means of multiple exposures layered together. An HDR image offers the advantage of much greater dynamic range, making it possible to capture both the brightest and darkest parts of an image without sacrificing one for the other.

If you have been to the Isle of Wight, you know what a special place it is. Whether visiting as a holiday-maker, sailor, cyclist, hiker or festival-goer, you have come to appreciate its relaxed pace, friendly welcome and beautiful landscapes. The island’s unique character and charm lie in its stunning scenery and tranquillity - all within easy reach for a great day out with friends and colleagues as you experience the very best the island has to offer.

Isle of Wight photo workshops give you a full day to get away from it all and concentrate on learning in an idyllic setting. The island is blessed with many unique and historic churches. In fact, some were mentioned in the Doomsday Book, and a few could date back to the last two decades of the 7th century when the Island was converted to Christianity. There is even a church with a thatched roof, wooden bell-turret and apse by the architect Isaac Jones.

My aim is to get you about, assist you in capturing interesting HDR image sets, and help you hone your skills receiving the training required to produce stunning images. The day is yours to enjoy as you learn, capture great shots and have fun learning my processing technique. I cater to all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, so everyone can benefit from the workshop experience.

Your day begins when we greet you at your port of entry - in Ryde (from Portsmouth), Cowes (from Southampton) or Yarmouth (from Lymington). The workshop begins the moment you arrive. We head off to find a couple of great churches or scenic locations, making the most of your time, light direction and beautiful interiors. Lunch is normally in Newport and, if we have time, we can also visit Newport Minster which is the principal church of the Isle of Wight.

After lunch we have a room reserved at Quay Arts Centre in a converted 19th-Century brewery warehouse complex at the head of the River Medina in the centre of Newport. There we will use a laptop and digital projector to process at least one each of your own image sets.

We finish the day’s workshop when you feel you’re done - usually 8 to 10 hours after you arrive. The hours are completely flexible: come early and shoot more churches, or come mid-morning and stay on for an extended processing session. At the end of your trip, we’ll make sure you get back in time for your journey home.

Isle of Wight HDRI workshops are for small groups, ideally three individuals per group, to ensure lots of individual attention.
A group of four can be accommodated as well.

Individuals per group
Cost per person

You can organise a group of your own and set the date, or join a group with others, based on your availability and preference.

All these workshops do not need to be based on the Isle of Wight; I would be pleased to lead a workshop in your area. Let’s talk!

Try combining this HDRI workshop day with an extra day or two Photography Workshops on the island, details can be found 'here'

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our Isle of Wight - HDRI Photography Workshops soon!

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HDR Images

f01052.jpg (195kb) f01370.jpg (165kb) f04080.jpg (143kb) f16825.jpg (194kb)
f01052.jpg (195kb) f01370.jpg (165kb) f04080.jpg (143kb) f16825.jpg (194kb)
f16800.jpg (180kb) f16420.jpg (251kb) f11935.jpg (186kb) f11692.jpg (149kb)
f02610.jpg (145kb) f02620.jpg (172kb) f09119.jpg (99kb) f12165.jpg (124kb)
f01052.jpg (195kb) f01370.jpg (165kb) f04080.jpg (143kb) f16825.jpg (194kb)
f16800.jpg (180kb) f16420.jpg (251kb) f11935.jpg (186kb) f11692.jpg (149kb)
f02610.jpg (145kb) f02620.jpg (172kb) f09119.jpg (99kb) f12165.jpg (124kb)
f02610.jpg (145kb) f02620.jpg (172kb) f09119.jpg (99kb) f12165.jpg (124kb)
f02610.jpg (145kb) f02620.jpg (172kb) f09119.jpg (99kb) f12165.jpg (124kb)
f02610.jpg (145kb) f02620.jpg (172kb) f09119.jpg (99kb) f12165.jpg (124kb)

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Over half the Isle of Wight is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, including over 50 miles of Heritage Coast, both part of the National family of protected landscapes recognised for their special qualities and character.