Testimonials from workshops and one-on-one training sessions, very kindly contributed:

Les Deering

Just completed an excellent and fascinating two day workshop on the island with Jeff. As others have commented his depth of knowledge of all things photographic from pixels and tripods to ACR, Lightroom and Photoshop is amazing and his friendly manner of passing on such knowledge in a conversational way is a delightful way to learn. Apart from substantially increasing my photographic knowledge he has taught me how to see light in a much deeper and more comprehensive way. Give him a call.

Ken Wilkie

I have just been on one of Jeff’s Isle if Wight Landscape Courses and have to say that it was worth every penny. We did our sunrise and sunset shots under Jeff’s guidance and this was interesting because this is Jeff’s specialty as many of his images are nationally recognised. Both days were spent on location or comfortably in front of the computer screen analysing results. The conclusion after this two day course? A no brainer if you want to enhance your photographic skills under patient and thorough tuition. Recommended!

Lottie & Sam Thomas
Guildford, UK

We spent an afternoon and evening on the island with Jeff photographing a range of landscapes and trying out star trails after dark. Jeff is patient, knowledgable and an excellent teacher. He tailors the day to your interests and covers a wide range of techniques. We have learnt a great deal about many aspects of photography and have come away with some great photos.

Robin Fordham

My friend and I are both enthusiastic amateur photographers so were delighted to receive for Christmas a Gift Voucher from Elm Studio. The voucher was for “A Day @ the Seaside” on the beautiful Isle of Wight.
Jeff Morgan who runs Elm Studio from the Isle of Wight was very flexible and we were able to choose a whole day or two half days. We chose 2 half days because we wanted to get a sun rise and sun set but not all in the one day.
Jeff’s enthusiasm for photography was very infectious and his knowledge seemed limitless. We covered many topics including wildlife, architecture and landscape and much more besides with Jeff driving us to many locations on the island which we would never have known about had it not been for Jeff’s local knowledge. Jeff also spent time setting up our cameras so they were much more efficient and easy to use as well as detailed instruction on aperture and timing settings and depth of field.
The whole experience was great fun and very informative. I would have no hesitation in recommending one of Jeff’s Photographic Workshops and look forward to when I will be able to repeat the experience.

Colin Austin

Just a note to say a big thank you for my photographic experience day, learnt so much about setting up to take the perfect shot. Still a bit of a way to go but I now have the knowledge to practice. I also now know what the buttons and settings on my camera are for. So once again a big thank you!

Mem Baybars

I was on the Isle of Wight on a cold but bright February morning, walking the beaches with Jeff, taking photographs and talking photography. He is an excellent teacher who keeps you on your toes with his incisive questions and encourages you to look at subjects in a different way. Few hours with him and my approach to photography started changing. We spent the afternoon in front of the computer going through Photoshop and learning about some of the techniques used in image manipulation. Here again, Jeff's knowledge and patience was great in raising my knowledge level. It was one of the most productive days I spent learning about my camera's potential and Photoshop. Thanks Jeff!

Rebecca Hitchcock DPAGB

I have been on several workshops, and attended more than one lecture given by Jeff Morgan, and for me he has three outstanding qualities. These are overwhelming knowledge of photography, an amazing ability to teach, and a fantastic eye to visualise an image. Added together, these qualities make Jeff's workshops a valuable and rewarding experience.
I am now looking forward to booking my next one!

John Pennoyer
Maple Grove

I have known Jeff Morgan for many years and attended many of his classes and highly recommend him. His photo classes/workshops are designed for all levels and Jeff is very easy going and really knows his "stuff" but more importantly knows how to teach his "stuff"!

Patricia Meakins BA Hons LRPS

I have long admired the work that Jeff does, and when I found that he did Tutorials/Training either 1:1 or group I decided to book. I can only say that I wish I had discovered Jeff a long time ago. I would not have wasted my money on books/Training Videos etc. Jeff is a natural at teaching all aspects of photography. Not only does he teach with ease the technical side of the camera, I also learned from him a way of seeing and not just looking. The calmness that Jeff has throughout any lessons takes away any worries that you might feel during the learning process. I can honestly say that I get more enjoyment from my photography now and I am a much better photographer for having spent time with Jeff.

Mike Burt
Neil Clifton

Thank you for a great day last Friday on the Isle of Wight. We found the whole day very inspiring, thought provoking and informative. We would like to thank you for a great day out and the knowledge that you imparted.

Malcolm Leach
Gary Armour

We attended one of Jeff's one day courses. Jeff has a great way of making complicated things seem easier. His patience and technical ability astounded us and we found ourselves comparing our images with a different perspective. We can thoroughly recommend Jeff's courses to bring you up to scratch. We will certainly be going back for more enlightenment.

Ken Taunton

Thanks Jeff for an excellent day on location at Wells cathedral on your HDRI course. The day was well put together and your personal attention was immensely helpful and it enabled me to return home with some great images in a format I never expected to understand. You have an extremely good teaching style which is encouraging and informative and I will certainly want to rebook on other courses in the future.

Jon Eisenberg

I strongly recommend Jeff for anyone looking to take it to the next level. And you don't have to be an expert now. Jeff will help you improve considerably from where you are today. What more can we ask?

Rebecca Hitchcock DPAGB

I agree with Jon. Just spent a mind-blowing day looking at Photoshop and printing. Jeff can do ANYTHING photographic-related, so everyone, book some workshops! I have.

Chris Rourke

I recently attended a practical one-day HDRI workshop, generating HDR exposure sets within Wells cathedral during the morning. In the afternoon Jeff took a bracketed set of images from each of us and demonstrated how he would create the final image. I would like to thank Jeff for the thorough preparation beforehand, his personal attention during the picture taking stage, and his genuine friendship and support even after the course finished. This guy certainly knows ‘his stuff’ and enthusiastically passes on all he knows.
I had previously made efforts to produce HDR images but had not been satisfied with what I achieved. My interest in the HDR imaging style has been rekindled by this great learning day.

Neil Bonnar LRPS

Jeff's HDR knowledge is 2nd to none, his breadth and depth of photographic knowledge though is astounding and I would not hesitate from recommending him for your photographic training - no question was too difficult no matter how many times I asked it and his patience made the entire day a pleasure, thanks Jeff and really look forward to training with you in the near future and a huge welcome to the neighbourhood.


I have just experienced an excellent day's teaching by Jeff. He has an enormous photographic knowledge, patience and skills at all things photographic including HDR. Thank you Jeff for a superb day and for passing on your knowledge and skill in a relaxed manner.
If anyone wants an excellent photo course in the south of England (although Jeff is prepared to go anywhere to carry out his courses) then Jeff is definitely your man. I cannot recommend him enough. Definitely in the top 3 for my pro photograph's courses.

Bill Haarer

Relaxing, informative, gentle education from someone who knows a great deal about photography and is prepared to share and explain it in patient, simple terms.

Lee Swenson
St Paul

I learned so much from your class on composition. I just want to express my appreciation for your excellent presentation. It was basic - what I needed-, carefully organized with good clear slides with a few key instructions and then followed with real life photographic examples to illustrate the points on your subject list. I learned a tremendous amount yesterday, just from your one session. You made the subject fun, and I feel as if I can now try to do my photographs with greater skill. You are an inspiring photographer and I just want to say "hat off to you" for a wonderful class!

Holly Kuchera
St Paul

In additional to being a wonderful friend and mentor, Jeff, and his works of photographic art, are an inspiration. Through his encouragement and gentle teaching I've learned to expand my horizons and shoot outside my comfort zones. And, he's the person who got a dedicated night owl to happily get up in the wee hours of the morning to capture that perfect light -- an achievement in and of itself! Thanks for everything, Jeff!

Sean Foreman

Jeff is a wonderful photographer and friend. I've only recently got to know him in person, but in that time I've discovered how he has enriched the lives of many photographers through his role in Elm Studio photography workshops. He is well versed in many aspects of photography and I look forward to learning much from him in the future.

Mary MacDonald

I want to thank you for a terrific day. The day more than met my expectations. There were many many things I learned, and it was also pleasant to know that I knew more than I thought. You are an excellent teacher. You have a great clear and enthusiastic voice. Your presentation was so engaging and full of information. I also thought your fee was more than reasonable. I would have paid more for the day. I would highly recommend you to anyone, and I plan to be in touch for more work. Thanks again. Great day!

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