Our mission is to provide cutting-edge photography and digital training products that help you communicate with impact.


We specialise in environmental, landscape, cityscape, architectural, HDRI and low-light imaging of exceptional quality and creativity. Some of our favourite photographic assignments focus on interiors, location, nighttime, aerial and creative imagery. We would enjoy working with you on your project. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Workshops and tutorials offer beginners and experienced photographers specialised training in photography, digital techniques and workflow. We also offer customised training to meet your learning needs in: digital workflow, advanced composition, lighting, flash photography, Photoshop and the principles of photographic judging. See our Workshops for more details.


Jeff is a keen observer of the world around him. His photography reflects his fascination with dynamic light and his love of the natural world. Observing and capturing edges--light to dark, day to night, land to sky and water, and urban to rural--is a key element in his work.

As a photographer with over 35 years of experience, Jeff’s knowledge base encompasses film and digital technology. He was an early adopter of digital photography tools, and he first started using Photoshop Version 2 in the early 1990’s, so he has a lot of photographic expertise to share. His commitment to the craft pushes him to remain on the cutting edge utilising a wide range of tools and techniques to keep his skills and creative eye sharp.

Jeff started his photography company, Elm Studio, in 2002 and initially focused on architectural and location photography. He employs a range of creative technologies, such as high dynamic range imaging, light painting, infrared and panoramas, to produce compelling work. His images and articles have been published extensively in PhotoPlus Magazine and have also appeared in Practical Photoshop, Digital Camera, TechRadar and other publications in Europe, USA and China.

Photographer – Specialist in all things digital

Sharing his knowledge and encouraging others to strengthen their photographic skills are some of Jeff’s enduring passions. His ability to clearly explain complex technical concepts is appreciated by students, and he has helped many photographers enhance their skills through his workshops, seminars and tutorials.

Elm Studio is based on the Isle of Wight, but we are not geographically limited in providing services for our clients. We would enjoy working with you to create compelling images that communicate with impact.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements