Your Digital SLR Workshop was absolutely beyond what I expected. Your presentation was very informal and in a way that anyone can understand. Your information on Histogram and White Balance really was a simple, easy-to-understand explanation. Thanks much!! - John

It was a real treat to be part of your workshop last Sunday. As I've been telling others, you're an excellent teacher! Also, a special thanks for such a delicious, generous lunch - Denny

Jeff presented an amazing program. A program which will no doubt help us all in artistic growth, career advancement and/or competition - Barbara

Thank you for the Digital SLR Workshop day. I knew I was going to get a lot out of it from you. It ended up being MUCH MORE valuable then I had envisioned - John

We learned a lot at the Digital SLR Workshop and it was well worth the time and money.  Thank you for all your prep work and information.  And the lunch was over the top! - Dave

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the opportunity to be in your class. It is the most amazing learning opportunity - Barbara

Thanks for a first-class day. I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy the fruits of your experience in the kitchen as well as at the camera and computer. Any photographer can learn and profit from this class. The take-home notes and CD will enable me to replay the whole day (minus the food). The articles and links on the CD offer some additional routes of digital inquiry. Thanks again - Ron

Thanks so much for the fun workshop! I learned a lot and now I want to do nothing but practice it all. I'm glad to know that there is someone local who I can come to. Thanks again! - Mandy

Thank you very much for your excellent presentation today. I really wish we had had more time to hear further explanations of your beautiful pictures. Everybody I talked to after the presentation was very impressed - Ray

The class was fantastic, very informative. I am now trying to master the histogram for better picture taking in the sun and snow--that is a trick. Thanks again - Kathy

Once again, your presentation was superb. And interesting and fun. And informative. I could go on. Thanks again - Cindy

Thanks for the great presentation on Saturday.  Amazing stuff. - John

Your photographic judging classes were outstanding. I enjoyed it and learned a great deal. It’s helped to clarify my understanding of the basis of good photographs - Denny

Just want to say a special "Thank You" for the great workshop on Saturday. I have attended these taught by both hobby and pro instructors. Yours was the best, by far. Keep up the great work - Marv

Thank you for teaching the class.  That took a lot of time and effort on your part.  I really enjoyed it; I learned a lot - Judy

Your IR program was wonderful! ….and your IR photos are spectacular! THANKS! - Diane

It was a great learning experience for me ... your workshop was GREAT!!" - Bev

Great job Jeff! I'm sure I speak for all (again) in saying what a great workshop you gave us today. I learned plenty, and am sure that everybody came away with a better understanding of digital photography's capabilities and advantages. Well done - Steve

Great presentation last night. Very impressed with your work. What a pro! - Dick

It was the highlight of the week-end for me and for many others. You did a great job - Wilford

Thank you for a wonderful workshop Saturday!- Joyce

Thanks so much for teaching. I think everyone will agree that your teaching style is a pleasure - Scott

Like I said you are a born teacher – I think that is very very rare to find someone that can get through to most people. Even some of our very beginners said they were not overwhelmed  and yet our advance group said that the overview wasn’t extensive and all felt that they came away with new information.Thanks again Jeff for sharing your God given knowledge - Deb

Thanks so much for your excellent workshop. You make it seem so effortless. Great work - Jim

Thank you for a very successful class.  I not only learned many things about photography and judging, but also much about my relationship to photography! - Linda

Jeff is an excellent photographer and a fun humorous speaker. He had some outstanding photographs. He did a good job of sharing - Diane

I felt your presentation was the highlight of the weekend - Linda

That was a wonderful presentation and I really enjoyed it. I got a lot out of it - Gail

My husband and I enjoyed the programs a lot. You did a great job - Dawn

Very informative and well worth the time - Sal

I want to thank you for presenting the workshop Saturday. I enjoyed it thoroughly and learned much that will help me with my digital "darkroom" work - Al

Your program addressed our needs and did it extremely well. Thank you for a job, "better than well done" - Milan

Just a short note to say how much the members of the club and I appreciated your presentation last night. You were a hit! Three members talked to me about how they enjoyed your program and that doesn't happen often. I also noticed that your sign-up list was nearly full. We're indebted to you - Denny

Jeff is very knowledgeable about digital photography. He explains the technical aspects in a simple, understandable manner.  His advice about digital workflow helps me keep things in their proper sequence - Jim

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