2017 Jeff Morgan

Pic of the Week - Page 296

The Gunwharf Quays Annual Fireworks Extravaganza 2017

Image Location : The fireworks are fired in Portsmouth harbour near the Emirates Spinnaker Tower which is located in Hampshire.

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I met a photographer friends, Mark Andreas Jones and Christian Beasley in Gosport last Thursday evening to watch and photograph these spectacular fireworks, it is a shame my photographs cannot give you the noise or percussion we enjoyed being there in person. A really good show to experience, I did enjoy it!

This image was captured about 8:30pm, using a tripod-mounted Sony A7R2 camera and a Canon 17mm f/4 L Tilt Shift lens, where shift up was used to capture the fireworks and keep the tower upright it was manually focused on the spinnaker tower. The camera was set to Manual with a 3.2 second exposure at f/8, ISO 100 and Tungsten white balance. The RAW processing and final adjustments were all done in Photoshop CC. This image is a single exposure and not manipulated.

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