Testimonials from Camera Club workshops

Shirley Kevern
St Neots CC

Thank you so much for your efforts the last few days. We all thoroughly enjoyed the Sunday Workshop - I think your boxes of gizmos and gadgets were amazing and I am sure you have inspired a few of our members to explore further purchasing a goodly number of them. Your presentation last evening was also superb. I can honestly say that our members have never received that subject in such an understandable way. We have a few members who will leave at half time if they find the topic is boring or less that inspiring. Those members were all still there at the end last evening. I use that as a good gauge as to how the presentation was received. I consider yours was the very best of any tutorial presentation we have been given - thank you.
It is so rare to be able to find anyone who has put together a comprehensive, illustrated tutorial-type talk. If any club asks you to suggest one of your talks to give to their members I would certainly say that you should point them towards the one you gave us last evening. It was a great combination of the basic with sufficient elements of the more advanced and I would think any club would find it extremely useful.

Lyn Phillips &
Ian Parker
Middleton CC

I just wanted to pass on our thanks for such a great day today. I guess that a club having such a wide range of experience (much of it rather limited) is tough for a presenter, but you pitched it perfectly. I know, from the early feedback, that we all enjoyed the day, we all learnt something....and some of us learnt lots! I know it is a bit presumptuous, but would you be willing to do something similar for us again next year i.e. one evening and a full day?
I would like to thank you for both of your excellent presentations that you have given to our club. They were both inspiring and, from the responses I have been given, both were very well received. Several points you made have been taken up by a few of our members, like the detail about UV filters for the likes of indoor photographs. I can add that one of our members has begun to think more closely about the way they approach a location for a photo shoot. I would like to include myself with those sentiments. All I have to do now is translate the scribbles I noted during the day. Already, some members have asked if you could be called for another of your talks and I agree with them.

Angus McKay
Ludshott PC

Thank you so much for coming to Grayshott yesterday and giving us that wonderful talk “Total Fitness Workout”. Somehow or another you managed to get us, the audience, to participate more than I have seen before, and I don’t think it was just because of the sweets! As for the gadgets and gizmos workshop – I think we were all amazed by your remote control camera, your bicycle tyre not to mention your trick with the wire wool. All in all we all had a wonderful day and learnt a lot. Thank you.

Deb Shoemaker
Thomson West

I've been told already from 2 different people how they enjoyed your presentation. You were great just as I told them you would be. The gentleman that was sitting across from me said you were a born teacher - you caught our interest - you kept our interest - you add humor as an icing. I really do think you are one of the best.

Martin Taylor
Taunton CC

Thank you so much for yesterday, we couldn't have wished for more. It must have been a very long day for you, it's hard work presenting for such a long time but you didn't flag at all. The day session was very well received; I had no end of people telling me that 'this was just what they needed'. You completely met our expectations with what you got through, it was so much, great! In the evening session our members have an un-nerving ability to sit poker faced in silence whilst listening to speakers. It must be so different from your American experience! The good thing is that it has provoked a lot of discussion and will get people thinking. I can't tell you how much we all (those that organised the workshop) appreciated your flexibility and input yesterday it really did make it a great day.

Ted Calbazana

I attended your Digital Workflow Presentation and was impressed by the thoughness of your presentation.   I thought that I knew a lot about Photoshop and workflow but came away with many useful tips and techniques which I shall now incorporate in my work.  Its evident that you put a lot of thought and care in your craft based from years of experience in this realm.  Your photographic landscapes are breathtaking and beautiful

Linda Schield

Thank you for a very successful class. I not only learned many things about photography and judging, but also much about my relationship to photography! I appreciate all the preparation and organisation you put into this. I feel the class was very well managed. A very important point is that despite all the learning going on, there was much laughter and good times too. Well done!!!

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